Application description

HEN WPF-200 care and maintenance unit

Water-bound roads and paths (without asphalt surfacing) in forests, fields and recreational and park facilities can be maintained or repaired in an economically and ecologically using the WPF 200 maintenance device specifically developed for such applications.

Tiefes Wasserloch
A deep waterhole
repeated mending tried
partly even with asphalt
Pflege- und Instandhaltungsgerät WPF-200
WPF-200 in use at a water-bound road surface
Put a tread on
Vorherbild: Starke Auswaschungen und Verdrückungen
strong kinds of deformation and washouts
several times visible try mending
material extremly demixed
banked flanks
Nach der Bearbeitung mit einer Wegepflege WPF-200
A newer, water-bound surface after processing with the WPF-200
Vorher: Reihe von Wasserlöchern
A line of waterholes
no water drain profile
Mit WPF-200: Fahrbahnbelag mit Wasserablaufprofil
A newer, waterbound surface with a fresh water drain profil

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